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Our first partner: EnBW

Strong partnerships are important. Especially for young companies like Switchboard in a very traditional environment like the energy industry.


Who is EnBW?

EnBW is a nationwide award-winning green electricity and gas provider as well as the largest e-mobility provider in Germany. In doing so, EnBW Energie Baden-Württemberg AG supplies around 5.5 million customers with electricity, gas and water as well as energy-related services and products. An important goal of EnBW is to make the possibilities of the sustainable new energy world available to people - intelligently, safely and simply.


What does Switchboard have to do with EnBW?

Switchboard emerged from EnBW's incubator. The basic idea in 2021 was to be able to make standardized offers to EnBW customers in the form of APIs. After an exciting year, the idea was developed further and further and finally spun off as a start-up.

The two founders Estefania and Nico (me) were able to get to know the pains and challenges within EnBW, but also of other energy market participants, before their time as founders of Switchboard, and were also able to accompany the innovation and change within EnBW.

Since the founding, the connection to EnBW has not been broken. As an investor and partner, EnBW continues to accompany Switchboard and supports it as a know-how carrier and service supplier. Pouring EnBW's know-how into a standardized API marketplace is a major challenge here; however, the PV forecast as the first product bears witness to the initial successes.

What does the future hold?

Together with EnBW and our other partners (blog posts to follow), we want to lower entry barriers to the energy market, promote innovation, and accelerate development and innovation cycles. Building on the knowledge and skills of EnBW, we can therefore create a large number of offers that can support you in your projects easily and quickly. So stay tuned for what's to come in the next weeks and months!

What about further partnerships?

As already described above, we will also introduce our other partners in the following blog posts. As an independent marketplace, we are always open to partners who, like us, believe in an open, innovative energy market. So if you are interested in an exchange, feel free to write us here.

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